Don Tapscott’s Four Principles of the Open World

Don Tapscott is a Canadian business executive, business strategist, author, consultant, speaker and futurist. What is a FUTURIST? Again, this is one of those professions that, 10 years ago, did not yet exist.

Futurists know how to read the signs of the times and from there, they create a probable view of the future.
We are in the age of Social Media. As a country, we’ve failed at boosting ourselves through the Industrial Revolution, but have got a chance in the Social Media Revolution?

Don Tapscott: Four principles for the open world

1. Collaboration
In this age, you can’t be an island. You collaborate or you die. We’ve come to the word: COOPETION or Competitive Cooperation.

There is no space for ego in this century; there is an opportunity to learn from everything and everyone.
I have a huge ego and a huge inferiority complex at the same time.
Barry Gibb – English Musician Born 1946

2. Transparency
Online privacy is close to dead.

Companies are getting naked. And if you have to get naked, fitness is no longer optional. You better get buff!” –Don Tapscott

Everyone has tools at the tip of their fingertips and they can know everything there is to know about you. By being fit and buff, a company has to have integrity in its DNA. Your swag can only take you so far, now it’s living up to your imagined standards!

3. Sharing
Everything is shared. You can no longer say: I don’t know. The correct response would be: let me Google it!

And Sharing should eventually lead to…

4. Empowerment
You think that social media is about hooking up online? For these kids [in the Tunisian Revolution], it was a military tool to defend unarmed people from murderers.” –Don Tapscott

While you’re stalking your crush on facebook, or worrying about how your friends are no longer talking to you, worrying about your self-esteem, what other people are saying about you, worrying about who your future husband or wife is going to be, what car you will drive, etc… the same youth, who are your age in China and India are becoming engineers, starting up businesses, sparking change in their governments, learning robotics or taking up advanced studies.

What are you doing with your free time?